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The Ballad of Smiler Watkins

May 11, 2012

Don’t You Want me by the Human League

Phil Oakey – thank you Sir

My yellow T shirt – a good friend through thin and thin

A bakewell tart – yum yum

An incline bench press – push it motherfucker

Three cushions (but definately not four)

Riding a Vespa to the coast – I want to be Jimmy

Discovering I share the same surname as H from Steps – perhaps not

Cloud formations – perfect

The smell of deep heat and fried onions at the match

A snail sucking a window pane – resolute

Letting one go in the lift – take that Mr CEO

Barry Cryer – good on you Bazza

Ducks – you crack me up. Yes you do

Hold on tight to the bath plug – danger averted

1891 – Oh yes

An inquisitive mole

Briana Corrigan eating a tuna sandwich outside Hull town hall – the devils in the detail

People in a pickle – don’t be so sexist

Imagining I have 12 toes – things are looking up

Being Boring by The Pet Shop Boys – Chris Lowe, you’ve done Blackpool proud

16 stairs (but only on the way up)

Not to mention my iguana – play that funky music white boy

Reunions – but not too often

Handshakes at funeral wakes

Gloves in July. Why are you wearing gloves in July? Why not?

That’s all

The end. You can leave now.


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