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There’ll Be Some Sweet Sounds, Coming Down, From The Night Shift

June 19, 2012

Thank you so much everyone for your messages and posts after yesterday’s blog post about the SALT and the social story.

I woke up this morning and it was quite clear. The problem with the story was not just the language and the vague content but more importantly, that the context of the story was all wrong. Steven doesn’t get worried about my health out of empathy for me; he worries about what it means for him. And after the experience of 2009, he always worries that he is going to be taken away. The health thing is a red herring – if ever I’m away, it prompts anxiety in him.

So, I’ve completely re-written the social story and the focus is on “Night Shift”. Why do we have a support worker stay over to do a night shift; who does it, and what happens to Steven when a night shift happens. As our whole live is a musical, we end the story with a quick burst of the Commodores (I know it doesn’t quite scan but if we sing fast, it’ll work).

This is it:

Night Shift




What Is Night Shift?



Night shift is when our friends sleep downstairs in the Uxbridge house


Steven Neary sleeps upstairs in his bedroom in the Uxbridge house



Who Does Night Shift?



  • § Chris U does night shift at the Uxbridge house



  • § Alan does night shift at the Uxbridge house



  • § Ishmael does night shift at the Uxbridge house

We Have Night Shift When ……


  • § Dad goes to his meeting with Ian


  • § Dad is sleeping at counselling work


  • § Dad has a nasty cold


  • § Our friend’s bed is broken


Where Is Steven Neary?



When our friends do night shift, Steven Neary sleeps in his bedroom upstairs in the Uxbridge house.



Steven Neary sleeps in the Uxbridge house every day.





Night Shift by The Commodores



“And if Dad’s not at home


Steven’s not on his own


Ishmael’s on the nightshift”



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  1. Abby permalink

    So brilliant. Like all good social stories totally personalised for the individual situation. Do you have a stash of good pics to go with it (I bet you do). I am sure this will really work for Steven xx

  2. Helen permalink

    Fabulous, I love it 🙂 xx

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