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Mr Bean & The Mental Capacity Assessment

October 1, 2012

Today was the day of the mental capacity assessment to determine if Steven has the capacity to manage the money he gets from the damages claim.

It was quite a palava before we even got to the surgery. Steven’s GP is on long-term sick and the other GP who knows him really well is on a month’s holiday. It would probably have been very straightforward if either of them had been there. We ended up seeing a very nice GP who had never met Steven before. She wanted to see me first to get some background, so I arranged a ten minute appointment with her and then had to go back home to collect Steven and take him back for a second appointment 20 minutes later.

This is how the conversation went:

GP: Right Steven. Do you agree to your father managing your damages award?

Steven: (long pause) Watching Mr Bean this afternoon.

GP (even longer pause): Good. As I said, are you happy with that?

Steven: (no pause) Steven Neary’s happy. Mr Bean’s got a kettle stuck on his hand.

Assessment complete.

On a serious note, I often wonder “where does the money go in social care?” Look at the effort that goes into this assessment. Court of Protection instructs a solicitor to arrange the mental capacity assessment. Official solicitor contacts GP to carry out assessment. GP has two appointments to do the assessment and writes her report. The report is returned to the OS to submit the financial deputyship claim to the court. The damages were agreed mid June; it will probably be early 2013 before Steven sees them.

A Mr Bean postscript:

Steven and his two support workers have just returned from the local swimming pool. I’m to expect a phone call from the duty manager as “several” (read one man who doesn’t like Steven) people complained about his actions this morning. Steven took his trunks off for 10 seconds when he was in the spa pool. Last Monday’s Mr Bean episode was the one where he jumps of the top board and his trunks come off. I asked Steven what happened and he replied “playing Mr Bean”. So now we face a ban from his regular Monday trip out and I blame Rowan Atkinson.




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  1. Linda Mccafferty permalink

    My God Mark , how you don’t pull the hair out your head & screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i honestly could not cope with what your going through , your a strong person . i follow you faithfully on your plight , your an inspiration to me . these people don’t understand role play , & have no understanding about autism . it is so , so distressing to read what your going through . God bless & i pray for an end in this terrible time for you .

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