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Just Supposing……..

November 18, 2012

I received a direct message on Facebook earlier from someone who has read the recent blogs and asked me: “Just supposing Hillingdon have got it terribly wrong again. The appeal commission could decide that you were entitled to housing benefit all along but by that time, you will be evicted from your home. What will happen to Hillingdon after a second unlawful act in two years…..”

I’ve just typed up the chronology of my housing benefit history for my solicitor and thought I’d post it here. As you can see, since the 12th September, there have been several occasions where my right to appeal has been jeopardized, now resulting in the probability of being evicted before an appeal is even heard.


Chronology of Housing Benefit Claim


July 2009 Informed by social worker that it is   impossible to sustain support package due to wife’s mental health state.   Unless something changes, Steven could be removed from my care.
August 2009 I find flat in Uxbridge and check with   Housing Benefit department about eligibility to claim before signing tenancy   agreement. Given the all clear by HB department. Social worker writes letter   to HB to support the move.
16th August 2009 Steven and I move into flat in Uxbridge
August 2009 to September 2012 Housing Benefit paid continuously.   Several reassessments of claim during this period, including discretionary   award in September 2011.
28th August 2012 I ask for HB claim to be reassessed as   my income has decreased, following change in employment.
12th September 2012 Meet with HB officer. Discuss my   income details. Am informed that HB is terminated due to situation with   marital home. Formal termination letter issued by Hillingdon
14th September 2012 Director of Housing states on radio   programme that she has reinstated the HB “whilst ongoing discussions take   place”. I receive email from social care manager confirming the reinstatement   and advising me to ignore the termination letter of 12th
18th September 2012 I meet with managers from HB, Housing   & Social Care. I wish to challenge decision to terminate HB but focus of   meeting on options open to me after the termination.
25th September 2012 I submit social security   commissioner’s decision to support my claim. No acknowledgement
26th September 2012 I submit formal appeal against   decision to terminate HB. No acknowledgement.
4th October 2012 Receive the minutes of the meeting of   12th September. Appeal not acknowledged.
5th October to 12th   November 2012 No communication.
13th November 2012 Attend meeting with HB manager, Social   care manager & Deputy director of Housing. Given formal letter that HB is   terminated from 19th November. Told that my previous appeal not   valid until today. Delay and lack of communication since 4th   October because Hillingdon seeking legal advice.
14th November 2012 Attend meeting with Housing manager   & social care manager. Am presented with several options, all based on   there being no HB


As to the question what will happen to Hillingdon – the answer is probably nothing whatsoever!



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  1. anonymous permalink

    Looks like Hillingdon are just hell bent on harasing you. THIS HARASSMENT HAS TO STOP.

    It really seems that this is a backlash against you and Steven for challenging them in the first place.

    Surely they do not need to waste more public funds because you need to challenge them on this.

    What happened to the offer of Social housing? How can they make a proposal of a safe and secure tenancy and then withdraw this option??

    Surely this is a human rights issue???

    There needs to be a closure on this so that Steven and yourself can live in peace… You have the fundamental right to live in peace.

    Needing a service does need mean state owned control.

  2. Anonymous – the offer of social housing keeps appearing and disappearing! We would have to go through the eviction process on this flat first and then they may consider a flat for Steven. Of course, they would take his compensation into account, so he wouldn’t qualify for housing benefit either.

  3. anonymous permalink

    Surely there must be a legal way around this? Look into it….

    Has Joint tenancy been suggested?

    I still say there has to be a closure on this for both of you to live in peace………..

    So Hillingdon sort it out and let this family be a family…….IN PEACE…….

  4. Liz permalink

    The rules on compensation payments is very confusing and murky but it seems crazy that Hillingdon can be forced to compensate Steven and then use that as an excuse to disadvantage him. As welfare deputy, can you not appeal to the Court of Protection? Presumably Steven is a “patient” under their protection? Has the issue of a financial deputy come up at all?

    Councils do ignore the law until someone more knowledgeable or powerful stops them. This is a dreadful state of affairs, and I do hope you can find some help and support in time.

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