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Olivia Newton John & Positive Behaviour

January 6, 2013

Amongst Steven’s Christmas present wish list was “a Olivia Newton John CD with all the songs on”. So, I duly brought her greatest hits and this afternoon Steven wanted to play it through for the first time. He has been humming a song for a few days and trying to get me to name it but it drew a blank with me.

So, we arrive at “Take Me Home – Country Roads” and he gets all excited and tells me that this was another song he used to sing to the staff at the positive behaviour unit as a way of trying to convey the message that he wanted to “come home to the Uxbridge house”.

It made me realise again that Steven must have had a whole playlist of songs that he would break into at the positive behaviour unit, in an attempt to be heard. Anyone who knows Steven knows that he communicates best through song and that our daily conversation can get quite operatic at times. It doesn’t take a genius to register that is how he likes to communicate and to try to understand the message of the song.

Another area for the mental capacity assessment to be extended to cover all aspects of communicating perhaps?


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