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Center Parcs Can Wait

February 11, 2013

I took a phone call from my landlady this afternoon. Since being notified by Hillingdon last September that they have stopped my housing benefit, her attititude has done a complete 360 degree turn. From sounding very supportive of having a son with autism, she is now saying that it is because of Steven that we are having problems in the flat (leaking radiators, broken waste outlet pipe in bath etc).

The upshot of the conversation after trying to get me to pay for the repairs to the flat downstairs which may have been caused by the leaking radiator, is that she is not going to renew our tenancy when it ends in July.

I’m trying to set up an urgent meeting with Hillingdon but they are sticking to their old position that Steven cannot get social housing as his damages exceed their level for that type of housing. And if I spend any of his damages, they will see that as me deliberatly getting rid of his capital in order to secure housing. Catch 22.

Ever since Steven saw photos of me at a holiday at center Parcs in 1992 (before we adopted him), he’s always wanted to go there. It seems likely that, after 10 months, we may get his damages in the next couple of weeks. My plan was to take him to Center Parcs for his birthday in March – we’d take a couple of support workers with us and get one of their nice villas for four.

I can’t do that now as they will say that I have disposed of his capital. However, if I dont, they will say he’s not entitled to a flat of his own.

I spoke to one of the journalists tonight, who covered our case in 2011 and he said: “is this Hillingdon’s way of getting Steven back into care?”

I couldn’t possibly comment but it does feel like payback time.


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  1. Clare Palmer permalink

    Is it at all possible to find out what it is deemed OK to spend his damages on? I can’t think of anything better than a holiday!

    In the midst of this Kafkaesque nightmare it seems to me a holiday is a very good idea.

  2. Liz permalink

    This is such a ghastly Catch 22 situation that READING about it is stressful – living with it must be just terrible.

    The CoP will not have any problem with the funds being spent on a holiday, and it is hard to see that the LA can do much to complain about it either. Surely it is only if it looks like a deliberate ploy to reduce the level on things only very peripherally related to Steven? Things like his new bed or other equipment entirely justified it seems to me. Of course, as a responsible Deputy you want to make the best use of it and husband it – but the Council can not get away with using the nightmare housing situation to manipulate.

    I dreaded filling in the Account for the OPG – but having now done it twice, it isn’t as bad as it appears. It is well worth downloading the form (OPG 102) and having a practice run at it.

    I hope you can continue to get good advice and support to help see you through this.

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