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Never Forget: Howard Leaves Our Support Team

February 11, 2013

Calamity. No sooner had I pressed “enter” and published last week’s post, “A Delightful Log”, than Howard handed in his resignation with immediate effect. He had been on long term leave and decided not to come back. Howard was the worker who had created a great bond with Steven over their love of music. He would sing “Splish Splash” whilst doing bathtimes.

Never mind. Onwards and upwards as they say. We’ve had a reserve member of the team for a couple of months now, who filled in whilst Howard was on his holiday. So he has automatically been given Howard’s shifts. What shall we call him? Ummmm …..Howard?

New Howard already has stamped his own mark on the daily log writing. He’s got a rather odd way of writing that reads like he’s hedgeing his bets: “Steven seemed calm”; “Steven appeared to enjoy himself at the gym”. Nothing categorical; more like an uncertain perception. It reminds me of that wonderful speech of Inspector Morse in Masonic Mysteries when Lewis suggests that Morse may be being targetted by an old enemy: “SEEMS! There’s no ‘seem’ about it Lewis. The minute we start seeming, we’re really up shit creek”. It’s no big deal though; it’s another style of logging that I find quite endearing and new Howard seems to be developing a good relationship with Steven.

I can’t complain though. New Howard is a bit of a handyman and, without me asking, in the last four weeks has mended the broken living room door frame; regrouted the bath tiles; fixed the cupboard door in Steven’s bedroom and sorted out my wobbly coffee table. All during the times when he’s on a break between shifts. What a good bloke.

I’ll sign off for now. Gary Barlow’s got a dentist appointment, so I need to cover the last half of his shift.


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