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I Don’t Want A Horse

February 17, 2013

On Friday, I received the cheque for Steven’s damages award. I defy anyone who receives an unexpected lump sum not to consider a treat. This is how the conversation went:

Me: “Steve – would you like a big surprise for your birthday?” (I knew this was too vague a question)

Steve: “A BIG surprise? A BIG one? I don’t want a horse”.

Me: “No, not a horse. Would you like a special treat? Do you want to go and see a show?”

Steve: “Seen Grease. Seen Blood Brothers. No, not a show”

Me: “Would you like to go on a holiday for your birthday?”

Steve: (laughing) A holiday in March. Dad’s doing silly talking.

Me: “No. We can have a birthday holiday and a summer holiday”

Steve: “That’s a bit greedy. Center Parcs in March?”

Me: “We can go to Center Parcs in March. Shall we go to Center Parcs in March?”

Steve: (Getting very excited) Yes. Phone Uncle Wayne and tell him we’re going to Center Parcs”.

So, Center Parcs it is then. This was one of the things on Steven’s person centred plan wish list in 2010 that was refused by the positive behaviour unit. He’s always wanted to go there since he was about seven and saw pictures of his two cousins there. But if we go, there might be a problem:

Worse Case Scenario:

I lose my housing benefit appeal and the Local Authority decide to pursue their suggestion to apply to the court to be appointed decision maker on where he should live. They decide to make Steven the tenant but wont offer him social housing as his capital exceeds their limit for social housing. They decide that I have deliberately disposed of some capital in order to obtain the best outcome for Steven and refuse housing. That may sound paranoid but this is Hillingdon we’re talking about.

Center Parcs is quite expensive at about £1200 for the week. And we’d have to take two support workers with us and they would have to be paid for 24 hour shifts as they are away from home (which is fair enough). And we’d have to hire a car to get us there and back. But as they say on Deal or No Deal – “this is a once in a lifetime experience”, so what the hell. If it causes problems at a later date, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I cannot imagine any reasonable person disagreeing with the trip after what Steven has been through.

And as he says, he doesn’t want a horse. He did double check though that going on a holiday for his birthday wouldn’t compromise him getting a new Robson and Jerome CD. Got to get the priorities right.


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