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Afternoon Tea With Coolio

March 5, 2013

I heard Steven chatting to his support worker whilst he was in the bath this morning – “Steven Neary’s got a very busy hard work today”.

And he was right. This was his gruelling day:

– Watched an episode from the 1993 quarter finals of Gladiators.

– Off to Virgin Active for his water aerobics and spa pool.

– Changed the sheets on his bed.

– Did a complilation music tape that he’s been planning since the weekend. “Going to have Coolio and Bucks Fizz”.

– Watched the Fawlty Towers episode with Mr O’Reilly, the builder. Running commentary throughout.

– Over an hour and half on the computer looking for clips of Moby.

– Catalogued the photos of his grandmother by dress colour.

Interestingly, he didn’t include loading up the washing machine and doing the washing up as part of his hard work day.

As he got out of the cab after swimming, the driver asked Steven what he had planned for the afternoon:

“It’s a big busy. Got Coolio. It’s a marvellous musical montage”.


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