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A Different Kind of Trumping

March 11, 2013

This was wonderful. After my post on Saturday about social care trumping, I encountered another kind of trump this morning.

I went to the bank to draw out a large sum of money to pay the two support worker’s wages for the holiday and the car hire to get us there and back. I had my cheque book and several proofs of ID. That wasn’t enough. I had to go through a whole series of security questions. And then, they wanted a full explanantion of what I would be using the money for. It was the same as when I paid the damages award in two weeks ago; loads of questions about where the money came from. I didn’t want an argument and had nothing to hide, so told them the whole story. Her hard outer shell disolved and she said: “That’s lovely Mr Neary. I’m sure it won’t be a problem but I’ll just have to check with my manager”.

Whilst she was gone, two chaps came up to the next counter. They had no cheque book or ID but wanted to withdraw £80,000 in cash to pay for some fairground equipment!



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  1. Lucy Series permalink

    I’m so glad you’re going on this holiday Mark! But – was it the bank asking you these questions? That’s fascinating – do they think they have a duty to make sure you’re acting in Steven’s best interests with his money? I don’t recall ever coming across that with my gran’s money.

  2. Lol. I dont think it was about them checking my role as a deputy. It was probably about money laundering. I must have money launderer written all over me.

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