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A Dog Of A Deputy

April 9, 2013

So, it looks like my housing situation has been sorted.

A housing expert who has been helping me out since the whole situation blew up last September, contacted the council yesterday to try and clarify why they needed to proceed with the mental capacity assessment. He was told that one of their housing managers has been negotiating with my landlady for Steven to be made the tenant of our property when the current agreement expires in July. Therefore, the mental capacity assessment will be specific: it will question Steven on his capacity to manage this tenancy. The outcome will almost certainly be that Steven doesn’t have capacity. Then all that needs to be done is a best interests assessment and the council have already indicated to me that they consider their plan to be in Steven’s best interests. So, Steven will become the tenant, I will be classified as his live in carer and his damages will be used up in just over a year paying the rent. No need to consider social housing as the homeless risk is no longer there. Steven becomes trapped in a private tenancy until…..?

All this without any input from me. The news about the negotiations between the council and my landlady came as a real shock. I had no idea there were taking place. Also, the best interests assessment won’t really include me as they see me as having a conflict of interests.

For the first time in a very long time, I’ve also considered me as well. The whole decision is based on an assumption that I will go along with it and to hell if it is the right arrangement for me. I had a respite night away last night, which was a bit of a waste of time because I was awake most of the night pondering: “what do I really want for me?”. It was a shock to be having those thoughts because it is so rare. I didn’t come up with an answer.

I find it incredible. I’ve been appointed Steven’s property and affairs deputy and the first real decision to be made following that appointment, I take no part in whatever.

EDIT (9.4.13 at 6.22pm)

Amidst all the stress and the entangled mess that Hillingdon have created, I’d forgotten until one of the Get Steven Home group mentioned it earlier, we still have the housing benefit appeal outstanding. It has been over five months now and still no date. What would happen if the tribunal decides in my favour that the housing benefit should never have been stopped but by that time, Steven has been forced to become the tenant and a large chunk of his compensation has gone?


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  1. All very odd and and as usual sinister .It is my understandings best interest meeting comes before a capacity assessment and they must consider the opinions of the family carer and they must make clear the reasons for such an assessment .They appear to be making wild assumptions and one of them is you will tow the line. .The good thing is Steven can pay you to be his carer.They appear to be getting satisfaction from putting you in situations where you are having to react.[bullying]Have you thought of making a complaint and going via the Ombudsman?

  2. I cant be paid to be Steven’s carer – the direct payment rules around here preclude family members from receving DPs for care

  3. metal capacity assessment cannot be over over ruled by a best interest meet .They a full of cow dung

  4. Liz permalink

    Overriding a family carer is easy and something they are good at – but ignoring a Deputy is slightly more difficult, I think. As far as I understand the CoP Guidance, you are the only person who can say yes or no to a tenancy, and sign it. Don’t know where that leaves you though.

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