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The Casting Of Cats

May 1, 2013

It’s 1969. I’m in the school playground and a group of friends and I are preparing to act out last night’s episode of Please Sir. It’s a weekly event. Knowing that I’m not hard enough to be Eric Duffy, I set my sights on being cast as Peter Craven, the cool guy with the very nice shirts. After much executive discussion, the general consensus is that I should play Dennis Dunstable, the loveable loser. Not on your nelly. I stomp off and refuse to share my bag of kola cubes until I’m recast. I’m not, so I eat all the kola cubes myself.

Fast forward some 35 years and today, Steven and his support worker are having a Cats session. Steven played The Rum Tum Tigger in the school Christmas show 2000. He could understudy any part as he knows all the lines. They are both singing their hearts out. I’m in the kitchen, cleaning the oven and I can tell that Steven is starting to get a bit cheesed off. His singing starts to have a slight divaish edge to it.


“You’re a brown man Alan. You must be Old Deuteronemy. Steven Neary’s Grissabella Cat”.

I poke my head round the door and the support worker is trying to get into role as he sits down on the sofa, all wise and fatherly looking.

Taking centre stage, Steven falls theatrically to the floor, before getting up for his big chorus:

“Touch me. It’s so easy to leave me. All alone with my memory……”

I could never negotiate the Peter Craven role but Steven manages to secure the Elaine Page part.

There must be a moral to this story.


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