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My Day Off

May 14, 2013

I had a day off yesterday. Or rather a morning off work. The plan was to clean my bedroom and then when Steven went off swimming, to go back to bed for an hour with my new book about the life of Charles Hawtrey.

Did it happen. Not on your Nelly Furtado.

I decided to ring the tribunal’s service to see what is happening with my housing benefit appeal. I submitted it on 30th December and we’re due to be evicted on 16th August. A very nice chap told me that I am only halfway through the standard waiting period and it would be at least another 20 weeks before I receive a tribunal date. Just a pity we’ll be homeless in 12 weeks.

Had a short spell on Google, trying to find out what happens to a care package if you change local authorities. I’ve been seriously toying for some time with the idea of moving to Folkestone but can’t quite get round an initial stumbling block. If the current care package ends the day we move away, there is bound to be quite a long period of time before a new package is in place. Therefore, even if I have a job lined up, I wouldn’t be able to work until the package is secured. There could be a long period of time where I’ll have no income at all.

Phone call from the support agency to discuss my decision last week not to have any more logs in the house. It’s had a mixed response from the support workers. Tried to explain again to the agency, that I’m not saying they can’t keep logs of their work with Steven; just that they can’t keep them in my home. Selective hearing situation.

Don’t fret Mr Hawtrey – I’ll be with you in a minute.

Then the post came. Two official letters. One from the council informing me that after assessing Steven’s medical details, his application for housing has now been rebanded from a “D” to a “C”. That probably means it will be about, ooooh, 2045 before he’s offered a home. Banged off a quick email to the social worker requesting an urgent meeting to discuss all this.

The second letter was from HMRC reminding me that the direct payment’s PAYE return was due to be filed. So, as a reluctant employer, I reluctantly set about filling in the endless paperwork. It took much longer this year because since the overnight respite payments have been sanctioned, I have been using the agency workers we have during the daytimes to cover the fortnightly night shifts. So, instead of just the 1 direct payment worker that we’ve had for years, this time I had to do the paperwork for 6 workers. They don’t tell you that when you have your carer’s assessment.

Shut the fuck up Mr Hawtrey – can’t you see I’m busy.

20 minutes left until Steven’s return. My bed looked inviting. Shit. Staring at me from the top of my bedside table is the letter from the Office of Public Guardian I received last week. Nothing heavy but a reminder to keep all Steven’s accounts in order for their annual audit. Therefore to show what a responsible property and affairs deputy I am, I set up a speadsheet for Steven’s finances.

The key turned in the door. They’re back. Mr Hawtrey grunted.


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  1. swanarchie07 permalink

    Yet again I love your blog it nakes me feel human that its Not just me that has these every day battkes and hurdles to get through. I just wish I had the Writing skills you have. Love your whole way of thinking and the way you write thank you

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