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National Carers Week: A Celebration

June 3, 2013

Next week is the annual National Carers Week.

The week when the strife and pluck of carers gets a nod.

Someone from Carers UK will announce a statistic to a dis-interested Kate Garroway on Daybreak.

To mark the occasion, I will probably have fish fingers on Tuesday.

And I will buy myself a new sou’wester on Thursday.


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One Comment
  1. I used to work for the local council. I think my job was “Carers involvement Development Officer” I was in charge of organising Carers Week events. I don’t think it did much good at all.
    Nor did any other aspect of my work really. Over and over carers would tell me they wanted better services for the people they were caring for. And over and over I was told by management to ignore this and get carers to focus on what services they wanted for themselves. I couldn’t do it.
    I don’t mean to sound like carers shouldn’t have any services and shouldn’t think about themselves. But when a person is so upset from trying to sort out appropriate services for someone they care about….I don’t know….who am I to tell them that is not what they should be focussing on.

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