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Enrique – I’m Trying To Get Some Sleep In Here

June 5, 2013

4.45 this morning.

My bedroom door flies open and Steven comes in with one of his most quizzical looks:

“Dad. It was Enrique’s first song called?……..”

“Bailamos Steve”.

Steven starts singing with huge grin.

“Enrique does marvellous singing Dad”.

“He does Steve. Now go back to bed, we’ve got Mr Bean in the morning”.

Steven gets to the door and turns back:

“Dad. Bailamos is a?…………..”

Shit. I should have seen this coming. This is Steven’s way of phrasing the question, “What does Bailamos mean?”. A quick response is needed; it will take too long to switch on the computer and search a google translation.

I take a shot in the dark.

“Is Bailamos a thing?”

“Dad’s talking silly. Bailamos is a dance”.

I’m caught between needing to go back to sleep and curiosity. Thankfully Steven comes to the rescue.

“Bailamos is MFL talking Dad”

Having learned that they covered Enrique in modern foreign languages at school, we could now get back to sleep for another hour.


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  2. I have just found your blog and I am gripped,You need to write a book about the love for your son and search for fairness

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