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Countdown to 16th August

June 21, 2013

I’ve known since last September about us becoming homeless on 16th August. It has been incredibly stressful, in its way as stressful as the events of 2010 when Steven was away, and my health has suffered badly as a result. However, something happened today that has made the knowledge from last September suddenly become very real.

I was at work this afternoon and took a call from the estate agents. The landlady (as is her right) wants new tenants in the flat from the moment we move out and has arranged for the first prospective new tenants to come and view the flat tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning! Not an awful lot of time to get my head around this development. This is now very real.

The really difficult thing is that up to now I have managed to shield Steven from all the stress – I haven’t told him anything about the eviction and what might happen next. Steven, like many autistic people, finds the idea of “might” very anxiety provoking. And as this is linked to Steven’s greatest anxiety anyway since his illegal detention about where he is living and with whom, I have avoided bringing the subject up until I have something specific to report. I think that once I know where we’ll actually be living, he will cope with the announcement that “Steven Neary and Mark Neary are going to live in a new house in Uxbridge? Cowley? Wherever? A statement that we are leaving the Uxbridge house but don’t where we’ll be living will activate the most terrible anxiety in him.

With Hillingdon it’s like 2010 all over again. I’m sure “turning a deaf ear” must be on their official crest. Since the meeting six weeks ago where I was promised that Steven would be allocated a social tenancy, I have heard nothing. They haven’t put in writing the discussion of the meeting and they haven’t responded to any of my emails or telephone messages since.

Justice Jackson found in 2011 that they lied to me and Steven throughout the whole year; first with the fake transition home plan and then after that cat was out of the bag, they lied about their application to the Court of Protection.

It’s understandable, I think, that I am extremely nervous that I have been lied to again and that come 16th August, there won’t be a place for us to move to.


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  1. Alyson Blamey permalink

    Hi Mark,
    I wanted to say how much I appreciate your posts. I feel both powerless to help your situation and are profoundly moved by your ongoing experiences. I struggle to understand how Hillingdon can continue to marginalise Steven and yourself and cause you so much pain and anxiety. Please keep your voice heard!

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