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July 1, 2013

I’ve just got back from my respite evening out and feel like sticking my head in a gas oven (shame mine is electric).

Up until a year or so ago, there were four people, 3 ladies and one man, with downs syndrome, who used to spend a raucous Monday evening in the pub. I haven’t seen them for ages but tonight they came in.

Later I was chatting to the landlady and she told me that until last summer all four of them were in paid work, three of them for the same employer. Then. all of a sudden they were all laid off.

Now, all four of them are on workfare, with the only opportunities offered to them, voluntary work. Most shittingly, the company that employed three of them are part of the workfare scheme and have taken one of the ladies back. But of course she doesn’t get paid.

A year ago, these were four very independent people. They brought their own drinks, had their meals, played the fruit machines and chatted to other customers.

Now, they have sod all.

Thankfully the landlady is a good soul and lets them have a drink and meal for nothing.

But it shouldn’t be that way.


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  1. Don’t ”like” at all. Mind crushingly awful.

  2. Sounds like IDS crushing reemploy.

    • or Labour [Tories in Red Coats] who introduced and support workfare, and as for Remploy Closures,dont forget Wales 2008 by Labour, they are all an extension of one another and equally nasty results!

  3. I like that you are sharing the effects of these horrible cuts – not that they are happening. You have in one short post encapsulated the effects on the people concerned, their lives and the knock on effects to the local community and to the economy.

  4. A4e Sucks permalink

    As the statistics mentioned in The Void’s article show, if you have a disability, you are especially likely to be sent on workfare. It’s basically about taking the p!$$ out of people with disabilities- it’s highly likely that Infernal Demonic Scrounger and co believe that people with disabilities ought to be grateful for being given ‘the opportunity’ to work unpaid.

  5. Verns permalink

    I don’t doubt this story at all, and it fills me with despondency, but if we are to fight back, we need to name and shame this company – otherwise it’s only anecdotal. It’s market pressures that are influencing these organisations into laying off staff and taking workfare applicants – it’s market pressure by activists naming and shaming them that have persuaded many not to take part in workfare. This needs publicity and I’m sorry that I can’t even share the story on social media until there’s some evidence to back it up.

    • Verns – I have no idea who the company is. I didnt write the post to name and shame the company, even though I think what they are doing is vile.

  6. your blogs are a window onto a world I only guessed at.You speak with honesty, passion and clarity.I just commented on another post-you need to get your writing out in a book or in a (diminishing) broadsheet-or maybe you have already?I work in telly, not papers so cant really help as to where , but I see a brilliant wordsmith and I feel your story needs to be be heard across the nation , loud and clear. Your comments resonate as I have been dealing with CAMHS for 10 years and my husband and I ” feel your pain” as he likes to say.

  7. Got your site from a collegue, drop in to it’s not just about debt but but covers council tax, atos, dwp and more. Not construed legal advice but may point you in the right direction.

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