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Welcome To The World of Integration

July 2, 2013

Steven has been going to a local Virgin Active twice a week, since 2008. He follows the same routine every time: joins in the ladies’ water aerobics class from the shallow end; has a few minutes in the steam room and then relaxes in the large spa pool. He loves it. And in the time he’s been going there he has made lost of good friends.

This morning the support workers were tipped off by one of Steven’s good friends that a couple of the members have started a petition to get Steven banned from the club.

And what has Steven done to warrant a banning petition? Has he exposed himself from the top diving board? Has he dive bombed the ladies of the water aerobics class? Has he turned into Patrick Bateman in the steam room?

None of those. Apparently, his crime is “noise”. Some of the members find it difficult to relax because he is being noisy. That was a bit of a shock. Yes, he can be a bit noisy when he gets excited. Yes, he can get a bit noisy if he’s singing along to “In The Navy” at the aerobics group. Yes, he can get noisy if he has a meltdown in the spa pool. The meltdowns are very rare and are always contained by the support staff.

I’d like to think the manager gives the petition short shrift when it’s handed in but I’m not confident. They are a commercial enterprise after all and won’t want members threatening to leave.

Welcome to the world of integration.


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  1. Carole Cliffe permalink

    The ever understanding Jo public prempt the move and ask to see their disability and diversity policy :0)

  2. ..empty little people with empty little lives………

  3. Swimming pools have an ambience that is naturally noisy and I am surprised that two women would have raised a petition about any particular REGULAR ATTENDER to the swimming baths. They surely could have moved to the other side of the pool instead or attended the pool at another time or day. I`ve been in the showers where hairy men have been soaping themselves oblivious to my disgust about what they were doing with the soap.. I just got myself away to the other showers. This is complaining for complaining`s sake, and it`s nonsense..

  4. disability policy great idea but for gods sake don’t it make folks wonder how their lives would be if they were suddenly thrust into the disability noise world..some people are vile aren’t they chin up chaps do you want to borrow the daughter to bark like a dog when people stress her out (honest you can) with hugs

  5. Caroline permalink

    You’ve met a bunch of NIMBYS- they’ll grant your son every right to enjoy himself… so long as he doesn’t do it anywhere near any of them.

    If you have a classy pool manager he may yet respond that of course these ladies must not be troubled by your son… and promptly bans them from coming to the classes you’re at. Here’s hoping…

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