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Goodnight John-Boy

July 17, 2013

Routine is vitally important for people with autism. This is Steven’s bedtime routine. It has grown considerably over the years and now takes about ten minutes every night. And if he forgets someone, or does the wrong order, he has to start from the beginning all over again:

“Goodnight Mrs Doubtfire
Goodnight Mark Neary
Goodnight Gary Barlow
Goodnight Rowan Atkinson
Goodnight John Clark (He’s the guy who held the nurses hostage in Brookside in 1983)
Goodnight Fash
Goodnight Ulrika
Goodnight Trojan
Goodnight Jet – the beautiful Jet
Goodnight Sophie Ellis Bextor and Spiller
Goodnight Diego (our nest door neighbour)
Goodnight Jodie Keary (his cousin)
Goodnight two Grandads
Goodnight Manuel & The Major *
Goodnight Zippy & Bungle *
Goodnight Fred Elliot *
Goodnight Rolf Harris *
Goodnight Anthony, Brian, John and Terry (East 17)
Goodnight Busman John with his keys (his old school transport driver)
Goodnight Dave Hemmingway (The Beautiful South)
Goodnight Alan & John (The Rubettes – followed by a chorus of Sugar Baby Love)
Goodnight Bill Hislop (Muriel’s Wedding)
Goodnight Mark Neary”

The one’s I’ve marked with *, I’m expected to join in with because I can do impressions of those.

I’ve been clearing the flat out in preperation for the move and last night I came across the box with all the court papers and witness statements in them. Stupidly, I started to re-read some of them.

This from the positive behaviour unit:

“Mr Neary met with (Managers from the unit) to share his views on how to support Steven when he becomes anxious. Some of the points he raised were very useful. However, the ritualistic and repetitive nature of some of his responses are not considered to be productive or helpful in moving Steven forward and change his inappropriate behaviours”

The bedtime routine was the one I had quoted as an example.



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  1. Hysterical……… x

  2. Sue permalink

    Fantastic!! And what’s (to quote the unit) “inappropriate” about this?! I think I would find it a very soothing bed night routine. Good on you Steven 😀

  3. Neil permalink

    That’s a cracking list, a real cross-section of pop culture of the last 20-odd years.

  4. Tina permalink

    Well put Neil! I love that Bill Hislop is in there! x

  5. Otter permalink

    10minutes is great, it takes me up to 20, plus the get up when I think I have missed something. Then there’s the 30 minutes get up routine and 15mins leave flat for work routine. I feel safe having done these. As an adult I was offered social care and support. I disconnected. It hampers a lot more than it helps. It doesn’t help. They make you a nonperson, they speak to you like a nonperson, they want to keep you as a nonperson. We do understand how other people feel, we do not understand how we feel and that they use to trap us. I hope it is good news with your housing.

  6. Paul permalink

    “some of his responses are not considered to be productive or helpful in moving Steven forward and change his inappropriate behaviours”

    This kind of stuff is just embarrassing. This “ritualistic and repetitive” behaviour is what Steven is. It’s not going to change, much, and why should it ? It doesn’t do any harm and it probably helps him settle. In his mind it is linked with ‘going to sleep’.

    The only ritualistic and repetitive behaviour that is a problem is something that can cause a difficulty for someone else. (I used to work with a young man who would masturbate in public until we stopped it) – those you can displace to another activity. Something that does no harm (and in fact is rather sweet) can be left alone.

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