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Gordon the Delivery Man

July 19, 2013

Strange dream last night, on the eve of my meeting with the housing officials this morning. Perhaps also relevant is that I did an interview yesterday and the journalist kept pushing me to say that I believe the current housing problem is revenge for the court case of 2011.

The dream could either be a warning dream; a clarification dream, or further evidence of my descent into paranoia!

The dream:

A man called Gordon knocks on my door. He is delivering some furniture. He tells me that he has been intercepting my phone calls and knows that I cannot order any furniture as I have nowhere to store it. He says he has the prefect solution and if I agree to having sex with him, he can offer me some “ideal storage space”. I agree. After the deed is done, we go out to his van and he presents me with two suitcases. In one is a Playmobile dolls house and in the other is a set of Playmobile furniture. He drives off, leaving me standing by the side of the road.

I can see the pun in the dream.

Question? Am I having to take it up the arse because of the DoLs case?


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