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August 3, 2013

The great Liz Jones, a stalwart supporter of the Get Steven Home group and a tireless campaigner and fighter for her own son’s rights, posted today a two sentence post that brilliantly encapsulates everything I have been banging on about in the BBC article and in this blog for ages.

Liz had submitted a FOI request to Hampshire council Social 24. The question was quite simple:

“How many people do you have living away from their families?”

To which the query came from Hampshire:

“What do you mean by ‘people’? Are you refering to a particular care group?”

I’m very tempted to use it as the subtitle for the book.

Sodding people eh? Our job would be a lot easier if people didn’t exist.


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  1. david permalink

    I always wondered what happened to Secretary Bernard Woolley after Yes Prime Minister finished. Seems he moved to Hampshire.

  2. “People?” would work better as a main title.

  3. karen permalink

    I think,” ‘people’, what do you mean by people?” when the care got forgotten in the ‘care’ system.

  4. That’ll be the care group with people in them, as opposed to council officials.

  5. anonymous permalink


  6. Sally permalink

    Mark, I might be missing something, but the question Liz asked is very broad, and surely you would need to try to narrow it down if she asked you. Heaps of people live away from their families.Did she mean people who are registered with them as being in need of a type of assistance?
    I’m not defending the council-who are acting horribly-its just that, Liz’s question is very broad. Probably the rest of her letter to them makes all clear.

  7. The council’s answer was possibly purposefully pedantic I think. It was obvious that Liz was referring to people like her son otherwise she wouldn’t have been asking and they will have known her situation etc. They may not want to answer or may not have kept records or the records aren’t easy to retrieve.

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