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August 13, 2013

Due to an unfortunate slip of the tongue by someone yesterday, I know that Hillingdon are still “monitoring” my “online activity”.

I hereby notify all my readers that from now on, all my posts will be in code.

Gloria Hunniford and I have arrived in Peru. God – she’s a terrible travelling companion. On the 9 hour flight, we had to share her IPod – Meat Loaf on a loop.

She brought some home made spinach vol-au-vents with her and now, Im distracted picking little green bits from my teeth.

Just had a blazing argument about how to spend our day. I want to visit the local yak farm – she wants to play bingo.

Christopher Biggins is staying in the next appartment. He’s invited us over for lunchtime drinks. That’ll be Gloria finished for the day.

Think I’d rather be at home, assembling industrial shelving on my balcony.


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  1. Emily permalink

    If you can’t laugh…….

  2. I love it! Sending you big hugs from our imperfect family in Australia, that has the same trials and tribulations here!!! Keep your head up your an awesome dad!!!

  3. I hope it wasn’t a slip of my tongue!….

  4. Nichola permalink

    Anyone who has had the misfortune to collide with Gloria would want to flee like a Bat Out of Hell. As for leaving stuff to a lottery, it is far better to yakity-yak. Just don’t talk back.

  5. Cathy B permalink

    ‘Monitoring’ they maybe. But reading, understanding and putting things right they’re clearly not! Igbay rotherbay is atchingway ithoutway eeingsay. Estbay ishesway. šŸ™‚

  6. “way to go man”…………………..

  7. Meg permalink

    That’ll fox ’em Mark. Brilliant!

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