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Steven Neary & The Great Works of Art

September 16, 2013

Since the beginning of the summer, Steven has been coming to my workplace every Monday. I work in a beautiful 18th century building. It was originally a farm house, then a family home and is now home to the local Arts Centre. I rent the library 4 days a week for my counselling practice. Steven uses the music room. He very quickly established a routine – he takes a C90 tape that we prepared the day before. At the halfway point of the tape, he stops for a cherry bakewell and an orange juice. After the tape, Steven and one of his support workers have a sing song around the piano. The I pop to the local cafe and get bacon sandwiches for all for lunch. We then sit in the beautiful maze garden and wait for the cab to take us home.

Steven loves it.

He also quickly made a friend as well. Every other Monday, an art group use the room next to the music room and Steven likes an elderly chap who teaches the group. Today, we were sitting in the garden, waiting for the car, when Steven spotted hs friend leaving.

“Bye Raj”

Raj came over and they shook hands. Steven showed Raj the spot on his hand and got very excited when Raj told him not to pick it in case he got blood all over the bench.

The following conversation took place:

Raj: “Do you know Steven that I’m a painting teacher”

Steven: “A painting teacher”.

Raj: “And because you’re such a good man, I’m going to do you a painting. What would you like me to do you a painting of?”

Steven: “Whistler’s Mother”

Raj looked at me:

Raj: “Sorry, what did he say?”

Me: “He said he would like you to paint him Whistler’s Mother”

Raj: “That’s what I thought he said. Do you know Whistler’s Mother Steven?”

Steven: “She’s a hideous old bat who looks like she’s had a cactus stuffed up her backside”.

At this point, we had to stop Raj falling backwards into the rose bush. We explained the plot of Mr Bean in America and Raj left like a man with a mission.

I do believe that we’re going to get a copy of Whistler’s Mother to hang in our new home.

None of that would have happened if Steven had been taken to a hospital in Wales.


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  1. Meg permalink

    What a wonderful moment Mark. I look forward to hearing how Steven responds when he first views Raj’s picture.

  2. Well I had no idea what whistler’s mother was until I googled it, now I know. The Mr Bean version looks very interesting. Which version have you commissioned ?

  3. Sally permalink

    How lovely.God bless Raj. Its often those little kindnesses from other which light up our children’s lives and ours.
    A thought struck me-why can’t more of us take our LD adults to work with the necessary support workers of course. Many of us it wouldn’t work-but for some it would…

  4. swanarchie07 permalink

    Brilliant I love Steven’s sense of humour .

  5. Nichola permalink

    These windows into the small joys of daily life – the security of a routine, music, food, chatting with friends about art and film – are a heartwarming reminder of how things should be. They say more than any jargon-laden care plan or tick-box assessment of needs ever can.

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