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Arrival of the Troops

September 19, 2013

What an incredible day yesterday.

First, I published the blog post “Swallowing a Bitter Pill”. I had genuinely decided to let the housing benefit matter rest.

Then Private Eye published the article following the interview I gave them after the housing benefit appeal tribunal. Thank you so much Heather Mills – you’ve been in our corner since 2010.

The I went off to work at 12 o’clock and the Twitter world seemed to come alive in the same way that Bill & Ben appeared whenever the gardener went off for lunch.

By the time, I got home from work at 8.30 pm, I had 78 emails. Lots of offers from solicitors/barristers offering to take on the case pro bono.

I decided to go with the team assembled by the great Lucy Series. She worked so hard yesterday trying to get people interested and has got together two barristers and a solicitor to work on the case. Lucy found us our solicitor back in 2010, so it feels like a very good omen this time round.

To all the other people offering help or messaging support, I am so grateful.

It must have been nearly 2am before I went to sleep this morning. I always find kindness very enotional, so was a bit if a blubbering wreck well into the early hours.

THank you.


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  1. angela permalink

    thrilled for you…..
    stay strong and positive ……..and when you get the painting of whiistler’s mother def need an upload x

  2. brilliant – people help because they can see your love and dedication to Steven – way to go man…… Solidarity

  3. austin keogh permalink

    Hey Mark
    Reading your blog helps me to remember the real, true, meaningful stuff.
    Helps me think about the individual more than the institution. Great news about the legal help.
    Good old Private Eye.
    Kind regards

  4. sparrow permalink

    what a difference a day makes!

  5. Magi permalink

    Well done, excellent news, and looking forward to a solution for the Saturday riddle. Still racking my brains over it ….

  6. Nichola permalink

    Great news. A fine example of human dynamism at its best and a brilliant antidote to the slothful indifference of the state.

  7. Emily permalink

    Fabulous news. Good things come to those who wait x

  8. Mexikoi permalink

    That’s great news – Illegitimi non carborundum!

  9. Sally permalink

    Hooray for Private Eye once again. So glad you have decided to keep going-we are all cheering for you both.

  10. duncfmac permalink

    Great news Mark and Steven. Hope you get justice!

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