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Will Young & Nappies

October 20, 2013

Every Saturday afternoon since Steven was 11, we’ve done a C90 compilation tape. Back in the day, it was preparation for his walkman that he used to listen to at playtime at school. These days, he listens to the tape back on Sunday mornings with his support workers, giving me a chance for a lay in.

This is how the conversation went with his support worker earlier:

“What’s this song Steve?”

“Poetry in Motion by Johnny Tillotson”

“It sounds like a very old song”.

“Very old song. Mark Neary was sitting on Nanny Beryl’s lap with his nappy on”.

“And where was Steven Neary?”

“Steven Neary was not here yet”.

The following track was “Leave Right Now” by Will Young.

“Did Mark Neary still have his nappy on for Will Young?”

Cue hysterical laughter from Steven……

“Nick’s doing silly talking. Mark Neary is a man for Will Young”

“And where was Steven Neary?”

“In David Watson’s class. Doing modern foreign languages”


From → Social Care

  1. I’ve said before I reckon Steven could have his own show 🙂 I love his conversations 🙂

  2. lisa permalink

    This guy is Class .

  3. swanarchie07 permalink

    Never a dull conversation with steven around 🙂

  4. Emily permalink

    In all the poop you have to deal with from Hillingdon there is a ray of sunshine 🙂

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