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Fire! F-F-F-Fire!

November 29, 2013

Steven had a great lesson at school when he was about 11 about fire safety. He was really engaged by the messages and would tell anyone keen to listen about how you should manage a fire in your home. And of course, he has also learned a lot about this subject from that other great expert of fire safety – Basil Fawlty.

A good friend of mine brought us a great housewarmming present. It is one of those monster steam irons that looks like it belongs in Aladdin. It pumps out incredible amounts of steam, so much so that my kitchen, on ironing day, resembles a Meat Loaf video.

On Tuesday, Steven’s support worker was in the kitchen doing a pile of ironing. Steven was in the living room watching Countdown and I was upstairs writing Christmas cards. All of a sudden I heard a loud but calm voice from downstairs – “EVERYBODY OUT NOW PLEASE”. I rushed downstairs to find Steven leading the support worker by the arm into the garden. The kitchen looked like a sauna. Steven saw me and ordered: “Outside please Dad – Fire. F-F-F-Fire”.

I explained to him that it was just steam from the iron and that we could go safely back indoors. He wasn’t sure, perhaps fearing he’d be sent to his doom like Manuel. The resolution was as follows:

Me: “It’s not fire Steve. It’s only steam”.
Steven: “Steam? Like East 17?”
Me: “Yep. Steam like East 17”

And so, in keeping with our life as one long musical, we now have a musical signature tune for any ironing session. Over to you Anthony Mortimer…….


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  1. Emily permalink

    This did make me laugh. He is a wonderful man

  2. swanarchie07 permalink

    I love your son he always makes me smile what an amazing guy x

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