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Shirley Bassey & A Fancy

December 22, 2013

You may want to learn this off by heart. Just in case you happen to be in Cowley over the next three days and bump into a large autistic man who wants to engage you in conversation about his plans for the festivities. I’ve had to learn it and so have all the support workers, so I don’t see why you should get off lightly……

“Sunday – Uncle Wayne and Auntie Jayne are popping in with Christmas presents.
At night time, watch Christmas Top of the Pops with Wizzard and Chip Richard

Monday – Mark Neary’s going to get the Christmas potatoes.
Have a nice fancy at Southlands
Watch Toy Story 1 – To infinity and beyond

Tuesday – Go for a massive swim with Alan & Chris
Alan and Chris are going home early when Mark Neary is cooking the turkey
Watch Toy Story 2 with Big Al dropping his Wotsits on the floor. Get a bowl Al, you messy man”
Mark Neary will put the Christmas crisps and chocolates on the kitchen side bit by the Frosties”
Julie Neary will come for her sleep over.
Go to sleep and rest myself so I’m all fitter for Christmas Day”

Wednesday – Alan’s got a day off – Mark Neary’s doing my bath.
Open Christmas presents of a Mr Bean surprise, A Men Behaving Badly DVD, A Shirley Bassey CD & DVD, A massive
Abba Surprise. And 28 more surprises.
Watch our new DVDs and listen to our new CDs
After lunch, we can eat our Christmas Cheeselets and Christmas Maltesers and sing Goldfinger.”

And as the pre big day anxiety cranks up, we’re probably repeating that script (penned entirely by Steven) over 50 times a day.


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  1. Sue permalink

    I would love to bump into him but it’s unlikely given where I live! Wishing you both a wonderful Chrostmas – you deserve all the joy that you can both grab

  2. A Cheeselet finale – perfect!
    Enjoy xx

  3. I hope you have the appropriate ‘surprises’ ready!

  4. Weary Mother permalink

    Have a lovely one, both of you x

  5. Sally permalink

    Have a good one,with a script like that you can’t fail. Happy Christmas to you both.

  6. What superb stories about life and life within systems, and great thinking through of roles, so clearly written. Thanks so much for all of this. Wishing you and your son all good things in 2014.

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