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A Single Munchie

February 14, 2014

This works for me on many levels.

Steven was sitting on the sofa, watching Deal or No Deal and eating a packet of Munchies. His support worker, who he has a great laugh with was darning one of his socks.

M: Go on Steve – let me have one of your Munchies.

Steve: No thank you.

M: Ah – it could be my special prize for a good swim today.

Steve: A special prize?

Long pause for thought. Steven puts a single Munchie on the arm of the sofa.

Steve: Michael wants a special prize. No Munchie yet.

Another long pause whilst Steven works out his question…….

Steve: Michael – Simply Red sang a Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes song. It was a song called?………..

Sadly, Michael didn’t know the answer, so Steven ate the last Munchie himself.

To get a prize in the Cowley house, you need a thorough knowledge of pop music.


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  1. permalink

    Fantastic on so many levels 🙂

  2. Mark – I’ve been reading you regularly since a friend first sent a link last year – loving every one of your sharply observed stories and the sad, frustrating tales of your battles (which are remarkably similar to those I face over here on the other side of the world…). This one made me laugh out loud this morning – how Steven turned the tables and sent up behavior management / ABA teaching all in one brief exchange.
    Thank you and carry on!

  3. Kay permalink

    If you don’t know me by now… you don’t deserve a Munchie. Love the pointed subtlety!

  4. Weary Mother permalink

    If only this principle, eg ‘demonstrate how well you REALLY know your ‘customer'(s)’ was the focus of all Adult Care staff appraisals, From Chief Executive down………………and in this case, no ‘know’ – no bonus. (Would be useful in banking also)

  5. Meg permalink

    Brilliant tactic there Steven. I may have to utilise this the next time someone asks to borrow money!

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