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Whatever Happened to Bruce Foxton?

April 9, 2014

I wish I’d been in the car to swimming yesterday. We’re in the second week of the new contract with the new cab company and I have to say, I’m really impressed. All the drivers are going out of their way to click with Steven. None more so than Mack, yesterday’s driver.

Despite his love of music, Steven doesn’t normally like music in a car and will ask the driver to turn the radio off. However, yesterday as he sat down, “Speak Like A Child” was playing.

“Mack – it was Style Council’s first song of Speak Like A Child”.

Mack, who obviously knows his stuff replied:

“You know Paul Weller then Steve?”

“Yes. The Jam are all gone. We’ve got the Style Council now”.

They sang for a bit and then Mack said:

“So The Jam have all gone then Steve. I wonder whatever happened to Bruce Foxton?”

“Bruce Foxton’s gone to a new work in a pub. And Rick Buckler’s a lollipop man now”.

Which may, of course, be true……


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  1. Emily permalink

    How wonderful. Oh to be in their world. So full of imagination

  2. Magi permalink

    Real “personalisation” in practice 😉

  3. Ray Smith permalink

    Hi Mark. Have loved reading your blog for many months now – echoes so much of our own life with with our autistic (adult) son. Couldn’t believe today’s title, as my daughter and I went to see Bruce Foxton literally last night! Playing in ‘From the Jam’ (strange concept, to be in your own tribute group), he rocked Oceana in Watford with his bass rumblings and still-youthful looks. Just thought you’d like to know…

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