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Pick of the Social Care Pops

May 10, 2014

Okay Pop Pickers. Thanks for joining me for this week’s social care chart countdown……

A new entry at number 10 – the debut single from 50 Cent – “In Da Hubs

Down to number 9 – Gladys Knight and the sad story of the lack of residential provision within 70000 miles – <strong>”Midnight Transition to Georgia

A non mover at number 8 – Melanie is all excited – “I’ve Got A Brand New Keyworker</strong>”

Climbing three places to number 7 – that rousing anthem by Queen – We Are The Change Champions

In at number 6 – Katrina Pearcey’s cover version of The Jam classic – “This Is The Modern Way

Plummeting from 2 to number 5 – it’s Elton John from the Lion King soundtrack – “The Circle of Support

This week we have a joint number 5. It’s Sarah Brightman and the raunchy Hot Gossip – “I Lost My Heart To A Service User

A big climber from 9 to number four – Boney M’s tribute to the calculator of the personal budget – “Ra Ra RASputin

Slipping from last week’s top spot to number 3 – The Bon Jovi stadium filler – “Supported Living On A Prayer

And sitting pretty at number 2 for the third week – Cliff Richard and “Living DoL

Would you believe it? From nowhere, straight in at number 1 – The Village People disco belter – “Why MCA

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  1. what would we do without wit!

    • Pauline Thomas permalink

      On this miserable Sunday morning, this masterpiece has cheered me up no end. Thanks Mark

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