Weekend Quiz

I’ve been loving the hashtag stream – #explainafilmplotbadly

Here are some of my suggestions. Anyone who can get them all correct will get a cauliflower eclair send through the post (second class):


1. The bloke who goes around the world and Lady Downton hide a pig.

2. Lots of white collar workers beat each other up and Meat Loaf doesn’t sing.

3. Girl nicks red shoes off a dead woman and tries to find her way home

4. Liverpudlian woman reads a few books and cuts Michael Caine’s hair.

5. Man doesn’t jump off bridge and goes home to unwrap Christmas presents.

6. Two friends of Kenneth Williams shag a lot and then one kills the other.

7. 11 people get very pissed off with Henry Fonda.

8. Farmer hears voices and throw a ball at his Dad.

9. Woman with a perm goes to Greece and cooks egg and chips.

10. 12 people stab a bloke on a train and a chap with a moustache sorts it all out.

11. Some hooray Henrys get married and Simon Callow drops dead in a waistcoat.

12. Lulu leaves school. Teacher gets on bus and goes home.

13. Mrs Overall joins the women’s institute and takes her blouse off.

14. Phil Collins fan swaps business cards with his colleagues.

15. Woman who is not Elaine Page sings a lot but doesn’t say much.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Quiz”

  1. You are Mark Neary, the films are listed below, and I claim my cauliflower eclair?

    A Private Function, Fight Club, Wizard of Oz, Educating Rita, It’s A Wonderful Life, Prick Up Your Ears, Twelve Angry Men, Field Of Dreams, Shirley Valentine, Murder On The Orient Express, Four Weddings And A Funeral, To Sir With Love, Calendar Girls, American Psycho, Evita.

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