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Carry On Roofing

September 28, 2014

This week, after 6 months of pontifications from the housing association, we finally got the hole in the roof repaired. No more buckets in my bedroom. Steven chatted to Dan, one of the roofers, and was chuffed to learn that Dan was a Proclaimers fan.

Stevens only reference point for someone getting up on the roof is Jim Dale in Carry on Doctor. So when he saw Dan on top of the house, he yelled out:

“Dad! Come and look. Its a rooftop drama”.

It reminded me of two other Carry on moments during medical appointments. There was the embarrassing time with the rather large dental assistant when Steven looked her straight in the eye and said: ” Lady looks like Hattie “.

And the time with the paedatrician who didn’t like Steven. At the end of an appointment, he asked Steven if he had any questions. Steven, who had been briefed that this man was a doctor like Dr Tinkle, thought about it and asked:

” Kenneth Williams is a funny man because…..?”

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One Comment
  1. I love Carry on Films. I’m starting to think Steven and I have loads in common. Charles Hawtree used to make me weep with laughter.

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