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Get Steven Home – The Movie Soundtrack

October 29, 2014

After days of massive discussion in the Cowley house between Steven, me & the support workers, we have finally come up with the 12 songs that form the soundtrack to Get Steven Home – The Movie;

Track One: Rainbow Valley by The Love Affair

Track Two: Crash by The Primitives

Track Three: Good As Gold by The Beautiful South

Track Four: The Story Of The Blues by The Mighty Wah

Track Five: Walking Down Maddison by Kirsty McColl

Track Six: When You’re Young by The Jam

Track Seven: Duke of Earl by Darts

Track Eight: When All Is Said & Done by Abba

Track Nine: Its Been So Long by George McCrae

Track Ten: The Flood by Take That

Track Eleven: Good Boys by Blondie

Track Twelve: Dreaming of You by The Coral

One Comment
  1. anonymous permalink

    Can anyone recall the drama by the BBC whereby Ian Drury Musician played the part of a disabled man incarcerated and abused in an institution? The title may have been Scallywag?

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