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A Search For Bono

December 7, 2014

Another question of grave importance has just arisen for Steven as he listens to U2 during his Sunday morning music session:

“Dad – Bono hasnt found what he’s looking for. Bono’s looking for his what Dad?”

“Dunno Steve. Perhaps Bono’s looking for his socks?”

“Not socks Dad. Bono’s socks are on Bono’s feet”.

” Dont know Steve. What is Bono looking for?”

” Bono’s looking for his blue Walkers salt and vinegar square crisps”.

“Has Bono found them Steve?”

“Bono’s crisps are in Simon LeBon’s belly. Bono is cross”.

Dilema sorted, Steven carries on with his session, occassionaly muttering, ” fucking Simon LeBon”.

From → Social Care

  1. Lisa permalink

    Your guy is the tops, an ace, I love hearing about Steven, x

  2. you guys just have the rhytem of life sorted made me smile whildst doing tax return hate accountants they make you find all bits of paper you stuff into files

  3. That Bono is so serious about everything too! Thanks for the smile Mark and Steven 🙂

  4. Karen permalink

    Brilliant…fucking brilliant in fact! 😀

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