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Thought Diversity

January 19, 2015

A week ago today, I wrote a post here – the latest in the series of Committee Room 5 stories. This one featured the efforts of the Rebadging Committee to Rebadge itself.

It was a fiction.

Yesterday, Twitter went into overdrive about a new NHS inniative. This latest one is called “Thought Diversity”. Got that. Thought Diversity. Currently being rolled out to management teams across the country. Millions of pounds spent on the ????? (I don’t know the word for what it is. An innovation? A project? A load of old cobblers?) Probably millions given to the management consultancy company who are “partners” in its inception.

What is Thought Diversity? Your guess is probably as good as mine. What we do know is that it comes with a “shared purpose”. This purpose, mission statement, is one that all employees of the NHS are meant to sign up for. Buy into it. But no mention of how thought diversity will actually benefit the patients, the customers of this service. I’m not sure they’ve even been given a thought.

I could go on for hours but it’s probably best to draw your attention to what five bullet points, the “Shared Purpose” consists of. This is the core of Thought Diversity. These are the five innovations that are going to turn the NHS around:

  • “Transparent Measurement”
  • “System Drivers”
  • “Leadership for Change”
  • “Spread of Innovation”
  • “Engagement to Mobilise”

This is not a fiction.

Thought Diversity


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  1. Re: Five innovations Thought I was reading a Dyson advert .

  2. Transparent Measurement: Use of a clear plastic ruler.
    System Driver: A helpful ASLEF member (always ready to assist ’em).
    Leadership for Change: Think we are still with the railways here, this is obviously a porter who guides passengers transferring between trains.
    Spread of Innovation: A new type of margarine.
    Engagement to Mobilise: Announcement in the Times’ hatch match and despatch column.
    We wish them every joy and hope never to hear from them again.

  3. Coo, can I have a go? I DO words, sort of. Transparent: means you can see through the “b…sh…? No, probably not. Are the “drivers” animate or inanimate? The certainly have lots of leaders, but where they are leading to is open to question. Spread of Innovation – a good name for jam? The only thing I can think of for the last is the image of a centipede, all limbs better be going in the same direction. Pity if it is straight for a cliff edge.

  4. Shirley Buckley permalink

    Mark this is terrifying although hilarious. Who on earth agreed this. There isn’t one word that makes sense. You get ill you go to hospital and you die. There is one hell of a lot of thought diversity about that.

    • Pauline Thomas permalink

      Thought diversity means that these guys need to think about different approaches on how to keep themselves gainfully employed while at the same time pulling the wool over the eyes of the poor sods they are being paid to look out for.

  5. Thought Diversity-Now THAT’s a new concept, although our ‘thoughts’ have been targeted for decades by the propaganda and spin doctor brigade. I always thought they preferred us NOT to think-

    “Transparent Measurement” – I suppose that refers to all those Photo-Shopped pictures which show fat celebrities looking slim.

    “System Drivers” – I’m told my computer has one of these. Do they want to turn us all into computers with implants under the skin?

    “Leadership for Change” – WHAT change? Please tell us.

    “Spread of Innovation” – Oh Dear -This sounds like a disease. Better develop a vaccine.

    “Engagement to Mobilise” – Good Grief -Are these persons intending street demonstrations and marches?

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