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Flashbacks By Pam

March 23, 2015

I thought I’d better write this post to check I’m still alive. Earlier, I spent an hour watching my life flash before my eyes (Well, the last five years anyway) and it grew increasingly alarming.

I finished work at 3pm and as its a respite evening, the rest of the day was mine. To be honest, the money from Hillingdon has been burning a hole in my pocket. So, I popped into Uxbridge. I don’t go to Uxbridge much since we became Cowley men. The last few years there were pretty horrid and as a fully qualified, accredited counsellor, I tend to work to the principle that its better to run away from your issues rather than face them head on.

I didn’t know what I wanted to treat myself to. Nothing rash. Nothing extravagant. An emergency summer anorak? An onyx wall mounted Brillo grip? I even found myself standing outside Hair By Pam, noting that Pam is doing a special offer in a full threading. The only thing that stopped me picking up this bargain is that I have absolutely no idea what a full threading is. Perhaps, I could ask for a partial threading? In the end, I brought a book and a Hi De Hi boxed set. I didn’t even break into the arrears money as I had a birthday gift voucher from my sister.

Then, my legs took me to the Slug and Lettuce. I haven’t been there since we moved. I used to go there every Monday when we lived in the flat. They do half price food on a Monday. Before respite, I would fly out of the flat an hour before the support worker clocked off and have a steak, chips and a flat mushroom. One hour per week was all I got for 2 years whilst Hillingdon argued Steven could go the Unit once a week, so I got a break.

The other reason I don’t go back to the Slug is that it is directly opposite the Civic Center. A bit too painful. But today, as a fully qualified, accredited counsellor, I decided to take the bull by the horns and bury that ghost.

As I sat there eating my Italian salmon, buttery mash and roasted Mediterranean vegetables (does moving to Cowley change your palette?), an entire Greek Chorus from the last five years, danced across the Civic concourse in a farewell dance.

First out was the housing benefit manager, rushing to catch his train. Next, came the senior manager of the positive behavior support team. This is the guy that Justice Peter Jackson quoted as saying, “we are acting legally on everyone’s behalf”. Then came the directs payment manager, dragging herself away from her surveillance of everyone’s personal budget. Then their head of press communications (it was only yesterday, I was writing about her press release). By now, I am completely spooked but very inwardly calm at the same time. I paid my bill. As I was putting on my coat, who should be coming down the steps……you guessed it…..Whistler’s Mother. That was it. I left hurriedly, without leaving a tip. I’d seen her before in the Slug and knew that today was not the day for our karmic encounter.

Coming home on the bus, I kept asking – ” what the fuck was that all about?” Earlier my friend had joked that there must be a note on the front of my file that says, “JUST DON’T GO THERE”. Things are okay now. Steven’s current social worker is great – dead straightforward. She gets Steven. Think she even gets me too. That is everyone we now have to deal with.

The End…………..perhaps.


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  1. Magi permalink

    Ugh, hope you didn’t get indigestion of seismic proportions.

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