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Dreams of Gabrielle

April 18, 2015

With the toothache not totally cured and the DVD player of the new TV playing up, there is a slightly tense atmosphere in the Cowley house.

Thank goodness for Steven’s grand flights of fantasy to relieve the tension.

This afternoon, we were watching a Top of the Pops celebration of the nineties. Up pops Gabrielle, singing Dreams. As ever, Steven is keen to develop a back story……

“Gabrielle’s got a patch on her eye.

Gabrielle bashed her eye on a twig.

Gabrielle was in the woods at nighttime.

Gabrielle had left her torch in the kitchen.

Gabrielle’s husband said Gabrielle can’t go indoors because Gabrielle said a rude word.

Gabrielle – you don’t want to be blind like Andrea Bocelli.

Twigs are massive sharp and dangerous.

Gabrielle – go to Holby City & let Dr Elliott get the jip out of your eye.

Steven Neary’s not going in the woods at nighttime. Steven Neary is staying indoors to watch Mr Robbie Lewis and Mr James Hathaway.”

He was still telling the story of Gabrielle’s accident when the programme had moved on to The Manic Street Preachers.


From → Social Care

One Comment
  1. meg permalink

    Brilliant. The learning disabled people I work with never cease to amaze and constantly surprise me with their ingenuity in creating mechanisms that get them through. Sone bring new and different issues to bear and only work in that moment, others are more global. All brilliantly constructed though. Well done Steven I say

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