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Revenge Is A Dish Served Piping Hot

May 6, 2015

Is there a pattern here?

May 2010.

I formally challenge Steven’s first deprivation of liberty authorization.

Two weeks later, all his outside activities are suspended and his holiday to Somerset is canceled.

March 2011:

A judge in the Court of Protection decides that it is in Steven’s best interests to live permanently in his own home.

Two weeks later, the council suspend the contract with the support agency. We are left with no support for three weeks.

September 2012:

The High Court award Steven damages after the Court rule that he was unlawfully deprived of his liberty for a year and had his Article 5 & 8 Human Rights breached.

Three weeks later, the couple stop my housing benefit, leaving us facing homelessness for 14 months.

May 2015:

After a year of battling, the council agree to pay Steven’s personal budget in a way that works for us.

One week later, the council delay/stop? payment of the personal budget.

Is there a pattern here? Then again, there is always something or other with Mr Neary……….


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  1. Our local council “forgot” to pay our personal budget in March. They then “forgot” to pay everyone’s personal budget for April…. Fortunately we don’t employ anyone directly, but I have had to make some grovelling phone-calls to the agencies we use explaining why I’ve not paid our bills. So so rubbish.

  2. Pauline Thomas permalink

    They have either got a computer that says no, or they are just revengeful bastards. My bet is on the latter.

  3. Shirley Buckley permalink

    Once the LA have you in their sights they will pursue you to the grave and beyond. It is more than revengeful bastards, they will annihilate you if possible. They will never never co-operate. I have been in court against them since 2006, and continually been threatened with not being allowed contact with Martin, with absolutely no evidence. Power corrupt power.

  4. weary mother permalink

    How do we keep on doing all that we do as mums and dads of our vulnerable and amazing people?.

    How do we keep on doing all this while reduced to feeling like fearful children ourselves; reduced and bullied and threatened if we challenge the dangers and disrespects; rewarded and modified when tamed and good, nice and grateful……

    The ‘good’ people close ranks with those who are not fit to hold our son/daughters coats, when they have cocked up and hurt them….

    Same, always certain, people with absolute power and no responsibility judge us, go home at 5 o’clock and or slip off to a new job ….and have no clue that they are our chains and thorns.

    Had a truly bastard day on Weds where all above applies………..

  5. Shirley Buckley permalink

    I have just had a letter from the manager of Martin’s care home saying that I was trying to get into Martin’s bank account, she didn’t call the police this time, but will do so if I try again. I rang her, she was too busy to talk to me referred me to Martin’s care manager. She has made Martin believe that I am trying to steal money from him. I hold an EPA (not registered). Utter filthy evil lies.

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