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Back Stories

May 17, 2015

I’ve got a bad back. But this isn’t that sort of back story.

Steven used to have a double cassette, Smash Hits 1993. It was a particular favorite mainly because it had Craig McLachlan and Debbie Gibson’s version of You’re The One That I Want on it. He used to play it, all 40 tracks, at least once a month. Unfortunately it was one of the many things that went missing during Steven’s time in the ATU.

I hope I’ve earned myself several “hero Dad” brownie points. I had to go to Uxbridge on Friday morning to drop off the huge package of stuff the council wanted in order to audit my use of the Personal Budget (Hang about. Could my transportation of the personal budget cargo be the cause of my bad back?). Afterwards, I popped into one of the charity shops to browse the crimplene coats and the David Cassidy annuals. And guess what I found! Only Smash Hits 1993. It was a CD copy, not the cassette, but what the heck.

Steven was beside himself with excitement. Yesterday, he played the whole CD, all 40 tracks. Needless to say he remembered all the back stories he created over 20 years ago. Here is a selection:

“Dad. Its Danni Minogue Dad. Danni Minogue’s a bit messy today Dad. Danni Minogue spilled a bit of mince on her lovely red dress”.

” Dad. Its Spin Doctors Dad. Doctor is spinning in the whizzy chair Dad. Whizzy chairs are dangerous. Make yourself a bit sick”.

“Dad. Its East 17 Dad. East 17 singing Deep in the bacon shop. Like Steven Neary in Ali’s bacon shop next Saturday morning. Brian Harvey’s very greedy Dad. Brian Harvey’s eating four sausages”.

And on it goes.

I wish I had an interesting back story for the people who work in the direct payments team. I got a letter, confirming they have agreed to my request to have the personal budget paid directly into a bank account rather than that sodding prepaid card. Its all been set up to start next month. Where’s the rub? They want to audit my management of the budget monthly. Every month I’ll have to submit pay slips, time sheets, bank statements, car receipts, sperm samples etc etc. All that scrutiny every month. I know what the Care Act guidance says about unreasonable paperwork but this is Hillingdon.

” Dad. Its the Direct Payments team Dad. Direct payments team singing “We Got The Power. Like Snap, Dad”.


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  1. meg permalink

    Mark, if there is ever a show on TV called You Couldn’t Make It Up. You would have to be the first guest, or possibly the host!

  2. Jayne knight permalink

    How lucky with the CD but how unlucky you are to be iinHillingdon with those wa…..ERS

  3. You forgot blood. and dna samples just to check that you are you and your staff are who they say they are. And don’t forget the minute by minute photographic evidence of how the moneys been spent, and a full report accounting for why every penny , action and drop of blood was needed. Plus any accounts of when you were sleeping, we in personal budget land do not understand wh y you need to sleep.

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