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The Management Team Hit Torquay

June 1, 2015

6 days to go. 6 days until we turn Fawlty Towers into a real life experience for Steven.

I’ve spent the past few days organizing. Its quite a task. Support workers wages? Tick. Staff rotas? Tick. Weekly shop ordered online to be delivered to cottage? Tick. New swimming trunks ordered? Tick. Places of interest discovered? Tick. Tape of holiday songs for journey recorded? Tick. Steven has been busy too, compiling the list of DVDs he wants to take.

I need a break. And to that end, I’ve decided, in true social care style, to set up a management team for the duration. No support staff. All Vacation Managers. I am delegating in committed vanguard fashion.

Amongst the management team, we will have:

Accessing the Community Manager – the minibus driver.

Risk Assessment Manager – clearing the cottage of throwable ornaments & checking the temperature of the pools.

Dietary Manager – the chef.

Community Facilitation Manager – organizing the day trips.

Viral Diversity Manager – checking WiFi is working in all the rooms.

Exnovation Manager – tidying up.

Partnership Manager – all hands on deck if Steven has a meltdown in the cable car.

Positive Behavior Manager – the one who will lead the sing songs.

As a holidaying CEO of Neary Care Dimensions, I will demonstrate modern way leadership by getting pissed and taking the management team on midnight cliff top walks. I will allow my management team to delegate their statutory duties as long as it doesn’t end in fisticuffs. We may even set up a 7 day outsourcing stratagem if any locals want to form a circle of support (Blast. Haven’t done a holiday one page profile yet).

And to demonstrate 100% candour compliance, I will live tweet our day trip to Babbacombe. With photos.

Now, where’s my snorkel?


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  1. meg permalink

    Have a wonderful time Mark. You, Steven and all his support workers deserve this. I am sure everything won’t go exactly to plan but also feel sure you will all have an unforgetable experience and lots, and lots of fun!
    I am confident so many managers can manage that!

  2. Love it! And love that you are taking your whole “management” team with you!! Have a great time, will look forward to hearing all about it!!

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