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Postcard From Torquay (3)

June 9, 2015

This morning we went to the Splashdown Water Park. We had planned to go on a ferry ride from Torquay to Brixham. But showing unusual foresight, I phoned the ferry company earlier to find the sea was too choppy and all trips had been canceled for the day. Thinking that perhaps we pushed our luck yesterday by swimming in a pool that was closed, it didn’t feel quite the done thing to purloin a boat and take to the seas on our own. Breaking and entering is one thing – pirates is quite another.

It was another memory lane trip as we took Steven to the Water Park back in 1998. He remembered Julie paying the price for her brazenness when the waterfall sent her glasses spinning off her face.

I am fascinated by how the team building concordat is evolving. It is both hilarious and infuriating at the same time. Predictably, everyone is behaving completely predictably.

Our driver has OCD and each day he and I conduct a silent dance as we leave the cottage and I have to wait for him going through his exit rituals before I can lock up. In the meantime, Steven and the others have been waiting for 10 minutes in the minibus. Then we have the young eager support worker who keeps forcing me to sit down. This morning I was hanging some washing out and he took the peg basket out of my hands before ushering me indoors. Its very endearing but I don’t mind doing the laundry.

The leader – leads. He’ll jump out of the minibus to direct us into a tight car parking space. He took charge of last night’s barbecue. He’s not the eldest but all the others bow to his quiet authority. Steven is both in love with him and in awe of the power he carries.

Next, we have the opposite to the leader. He stands back and then let’s people know where they’re going wrong. He was absent for the first half of the barbecue and then appeared to tell us that we weren’t turning the burgers often enough. Less endearing but he is game for a laugh, often at his expense.

Its easy to overlook the fifth guy because he conducts himself with such quiet control. I love him. He’ll do anything. He was the one, who against all natural instinct, plunged into the icy pool yesterday in an attempt to encourage Steven. I never worry for a moment when he is on shift.

Last night in the pub, we had the team building darts competition. I was knocked out in the first round. I wouldn’t say I was crap but I might have been more successful if I’d stood and held the dart and they threw the board at me. Steven took everyone by surprise by scoring a double 20 with his first throw. It was downhill all the way from that point, and like me, he had an early exit.

And now for a quiet afternoon watching The Full Monty. But we’ll leave our sunhats on.


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