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Postcard From Torquay (4)

June 10, 2015

After the hectic excursions of yesterday, we’re having a quiet day in the cottage today. Wednesday is a fairly quiet day at home, so we are replicating it here. Mr Bean in America, A 90 minute disco, trip in minibus to Sainsburys for Munchies and a swim and spa planned for later.

Yesterday, one of the support workers suggested we hold a team meeting, giving me a chance to “express concerns” and vice versa. I wasn’t keen. We used to have monthly team meetings when they were employed by the agency. The agency manager was pretty confrontational and most meetings ended up with a ruck between the workers. I didn’t want to spoil the great atmosphere of the holiday and I don’t have any collective concerns, so I suggested after Steven went to bed, we all stay up late and watch Field of Dreams together.

After the film, we shared stories of “if you build it, he will come” and “go the distance”. It was revealing and moving. I won’t share any of the support workers’ stories here but I’ll share mine. That film changes for me the older I get. I do believe that if something is important to us and we go the distance, anything is possible. When I was 16, my dream was to go to university and study journalism. Then my Mum died and I felt that my place was at home. I never went to university. I never became a journalist. But nearly 40 years later, after the desperate events of 2010, I have been able to become a writer. To me, that is the equivalent of Kevin Costner having a catch with his dead father.

Steven and I have just watched the psychiatrist episode of Fawlty Towers. It is our equivalent of playing catch. He likes to act out the scenes that have two male characters interacting. Telepathically, we divvy out the parts. He becomes Major and I’m Basil. When I’m dead and gone, I’d like Steven to regret that we can’t have those moments anymore rather than we’ve never had those moments.

Steven has a new nickname today. One of the support workers who was around during the time in the ATU, reminded everyone of Steven’s nighttime escape without footwear and in pyjamas. Prompted by last night’s movie, today he called Steven, ” Shoeless Steve”.

Is this heaven?


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One Comment
  1. Caz permalink

    Is this heaven ? yes it is. ! celebrate in your minds eye.
    Holidays are made of this. The reason why…we do this…

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