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Postcard From Torquay (5)

June 11, 2015

Doesn’t look like we’re going to get our boat trip. For the third day running, the water was deemed too choppy and the ferry’s remained in the harbour.

So we went on a steam train ride instead. Unable to find a Fawlty Towers reference for the trip, Steven dug deep into his memory bank and started singing, “Time flies by when you’re the driver of a train. You can ride on the footplate, there and back again”. Steven cast himself as Lord Bellborough and I became Mr Bracket, the butler. Yes – we’re in Chigley. The support workers were, in order of appearance: Mr Rumpling, Mr Cresswell from the biscuit factory, Harry Farthing, Mr Swallow the wharf manager and Mr Antonio the ice cream man.

Back at the cottage, Mr Rumpling cooked a massive fry up to fortify ourselves for this afternoon’s swim. The hot tub beckons, which will be lovely but we may need to wear wooly balaclavas for that part of us not submerged.

I’ve been reading another Community Care article which worries about the lack of paid RPRs for people subject to a DoL. Its another week, another DoLs piece bemoaning the excessive workload. It seems to me typical of Planet Social Care that it sets up something so bureaucratic and complicated and then complains about its own system. All very inward looking with little recognition of the people its meant to be serving. But then again, DoLs have become a huge industry.

So where have DoLs figured on our landscape this week? I think you’d need a high powered telescope to see a DoLs speck on the Torquay horizon. Family life and holidays are lived and conducted by ordinary people, outside of the industry. Therefore, the things that the industry consider of vital importance don’t figure on a family’s radar. We did a rudimentary risk assessment on the day of arrival and removed all ornaments and bricabrac. But that was it. We certainly haven’t considered if Steven is being deprived of his liberty by having two people go with him to the swimming pool. Although they’re called support workers, we don’t use the word “supporting”. The phrase ” personal care” isn’t in Steven’s vocabulary – it’s, “Dad – who’s doing bath tonight?” That’s how it should be. None of the industry self importance.

I’ll sign off now. Steven, me and Mr Cresswell are going to have a game of table tennis in the pub. Its not in mint condition but it can certainly be used in an emergency.


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