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The Kiki Dee Conundrum

June 22, 2015

It’s going to be a long day. Steven has discovered a new life conundrum.

He’s always been fascinated by actors playing different roles. The prime example of this for him is Rowan Atkinson. Steven loves and is fascinated by the fact that Mr Atkinson has been Mr Bean, Black Adder, Johnny English, The Rude Vicar. Steven likes to sort of the chronology of roles so we often have conversations that go:

“Rowan Atkinson was Mr Bean first. Then Rowan Atkinson went to play Johnny English”.

He likes to keep the support workers on their toes by deliberately getting it wrong and waiting for them to correct him –

“Chris – Rowan Atkinson was Johnny English first. Then he went to Mr Bean?” He finds this hysterical and waits in anticipation whilst the support worker consults his internal Wikipedia.

Steven does the same thing with John Cleese (“John Cleese went to Basil Fawlty first. Then  he went to Donald Sinclair”) and Martin Clunes (“Martin Clunes went to Gary Strang first. Then he went to Churchill”).

Another variation on this theme is cover versions, which hold an endless curiosity.  As I type, Steven is doing a music session and has included lots of covers. He’s listening to Kim Wilde’s version of “If I Can’t Have You” and teasing the support worker with – “Chris – Yvonne Elleman sings a Kim Wilde song”. Thankfully, Chris is on the ball and knows that it is the other way round. This kind of conundrum can provide Steven with endless hours of amusement. And the more cover versions the better. He can really go to town on the number of versions we’ve got of Unchained Melody.

But today has thrown up a new dilemma. Steven has known the soundtrack to Blood Brothers for years. I had the 1995 cast recording and he’s known that the woman who sings Tell Me It’s Not True is called Mrs Johnstone. With all the characters, he’s accepted them by their character name. In 2002 we went on holiday to Bournemouth and whilst there we went to see the touring version of Blood Brothers. During Act 1 we had the potentially meltdown inducing conversation:

“Dad – Mrs Johnstone looks a bit like Linda Nolan”.

“It is Linda Nolan Steve. Linda Nolan is playing Mrs Johnstone”.

Thankfully Steven accepted that and since whenever he listens to the CD, he talks about Linda Nolan playing the mother.

At the weekend I found my copy of the 1989 cast recording. This is when Kiki Dee was playing Mrs Johnstone. Cue confusion:

“Dad. Linda Nolan’s not singing this song.”

“No Steve. It’s Kiki Dee playing Mrs Johnstone”.

“Dad’s doing silly talking. Two ladies playing Mrs Johnstone. That’s too greedy”.

“Not greedy Steve. Kiki Dee went to Blood Brothers. Then Kiki Dee left and Linda Nolan came”.

I think I got away with it. I’ve just heard him say to Chris – “Chris – Kiki Dee went to Blood Brothers first. Then Kiki Dee went to Elton John?”

I might have got away with it for the time being but I’m going to keep to myself the fact that Mel C also played Mrs Johnstone. In fact, to quote another Blood Brother’s song, I’m Not Saying A Word.

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  1. Carbolic permalink

    Tell me it’s not true………say it’s just a story 😉

  2. Pauline Thomas permalink

    Tell me it’s not true always makes me cry.

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