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Postcards From Torquay – The Photo Album

June 23, 2015

_MG_0060Hopefully, as an antidote to my current mood which is despair at our never ending entrapment on Planet Social Care, the snaps are back from the chemists.

Here are some photos of Steven being deprived of his liberty in Torquay:

_MG_0063 _MG_0207 _MG_0468IMG_0106_MG_0184IMG_0310_MG_0020IMG_0506IMG_0584_MG_0235IMG_0036_MG_0016IMG_0563IMG_0090_MG_0195_MG_0133IMG_0335


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  1. Looks like the only thing Steven was deprived of was any care in the world. And that the only possible harm he risked was faceache from smiling so broadly and so often.

  2. ArchieBoy permalink

    Love, love, love this. Thoroughly enjoyed reading the postcards, brightened my day. Fabulous 😵

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