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Bubb Hell & Squeak

July 14, 2015

My breakfast was ruined this morning. The delicious array of chocolate chip brioche, wild raspberry yoghurt and ice cold grapefruit juice ended up regurgitated all over my Ipad. It was such a disappointment. The cause of my breakfast bile attack? I blame BBC Breakfast and their interview with Sir Stephen Bubb, the champion of breakfasts. Sir Bubb was on to launch his six month follow up report to his report six months ago about how to get people out of ATUs. In summary, he covered:

His dismay at the slow progress on the recommendations of his report.

His thanks to Sir Simon Stevens for the great progress on the recommendations of his report.

His call for more third sector involvement.

His suggestion for a taskforce to be set up.

As sure as eggs are eggs, up pitches Harold and Hilda, sorry Mencap and the CBF and in summary they say:

  • Their dismay at the slow progress on the recommendations of the Bubb report.
  • Their acknowledgement of the progress made so far.
  • Their observation that the hold up is down to the lack of decent community support.

It’s all so bloody predictable. Watching and reading, a thought hit me. Recently, the LBBillers have been knocked by the realisation that the Tory MPs have been responding to their request for support for the #LBBill with a standard template letter. Well, today’s events from Sir Bubb and Harold and Hilda are templates as well. Let’s rewind the tape to pre Bubb days. The days of the Winterbourne JIP Concordat. The then head of the Concordat, Bill Mumford, issued a statement, despairing about the lack of progress, complimenting the NHS on their progress so far and calling for his group to have greater powers. Tagged on to his statement was a statement from Harold and Hilda about……. well. You can probably guess. It’s the ATU Dismay Template.

It’s not about powerlessness. It’s not about the difficulty of the client group. It’s about will. or the lack of it. It’s about maintaining the status quo and buying the people affected off every few months with expressions of dismay. “I’m shocked. I’m at a loss. Now, if I may just have one more rasher please”.

I may not know much but one thing I do know is that we do not need another fucking taskforce.

Here’s my suggestion. Let’s apply the law that already exists. Sadly, the LBBIll is not going to happen in the next few months. The Law Commission’s report on DoLs will impact on this issue but is also months away. Let’s use what we’ve already got.

For every person in an ATU, their Article 8 HR must be being breached. Every person in an ATU must be being deprived of their liberty in some way, breaching their Article 5 HR. What we need is for a legal person to pick up the case of Chris, Tizane, Eden, Stephen or any of the other 3000 people currently in ATUs and take it all the way to Judicial Review. Perhaps, Harold and Hilda could dip into their funds and financially back such a case. Let’s see what the High Court makes of the human rights of the ATU dudes.

Just think, if the case was successful, we’d have a new template. A court ruling to wave in the face of every commissioner who sends a person to an ATU.

Anyone up for this?


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  1. Damn good idea – I could build you a website (for free) that will allow you to collate the experiences of families and incorporate an online questionnaire based on key indicators of compliance with Article 8 … … just a thought ; )

  2. Trevor permalink

    I think you have summarised/simplified the bullshit that flows from these organizations, extremely well.
    Sadly very little actually changes and as you pointed out, there are still around 3000 people detained in assessment and treatment units, which are widely accepted as not fit for purpose and was it not “Dave” and his coalition government some years ago who promised they would deal with this disgraceful situation after the Winterbourne scandal!
    After all this time it is sickening to see, one of Dave’s conservative party’s pressing priorities is to waste tax payers time and money on trying to bring back fox hunting. It’s absolutely shameful.

    • thewoodsbeyondthetrees permalink

      Re your last paragraph: my thoughts entirely, I was thinking just the same this morning as I was banging my head against the usual brick wall attempting to find a new care provider for my beloved son. Not only is the care industry in crisis, but also the Social Services – to a quite alarming degree. In addition, not to focus solely on our own frustrations, children are dying in their thousands in Syria, the Yemen, Palestine, the Ukraine, Iraq etc etc etc etc, and we are on the verge of WWIII, but the government’s first priority is to tackle the ban on FOX HUNTING. I despair.

  3. Jayne knight permalink

    I know we pursued the idea of a “class action” but it was said that it doesn’t work that way. Most people are advised that the HR case is pursued after they get out so without giving out any details that is not forgotten.
    I see Justice Together has been mentioned and this could be a good starting point perhaps to gather the information. I do know of a Solicitor who has a very good background in class actions and human rights that may be able to help too perhaps with someone like Steven.
    Just random thoughts about it.
    I must say that the CBF have helped a lot in the few situations I have been involved with. I don’t know Mencap as well but Gemma has worked tirelessly and they are pretty small as an organisation. Just my view of it but I’m sure shared by the families on the ground who have had her support. I try and use any help we can when it is the most unbelievable battle all the way along and getting voluntary help is almost impossible and no expenses get paid for the endless meetings we have to attend.

  4. Shirley Buckley permalink

    My son Martin was in a LD psychiatric unit (Ridgway now Sloven) from Sept. 07 to July 08, Now in a residential care home in Cardiff. Worse than the unit, where at least they took him on holiday and fed him properly. Since then I have been fighting the CoP Mr Justice Charles to get Martin into his own home (bought by me) Not a hope- I have been totally sidelined. Mr Justice Charles states in his judgment 2007 that the Official Solicitors case “is a shambles”, but still proceeded with the case. No mention of Article 6. Everyone knows it isn’t justice, or law, or anything to do with human rights. It is the Mental CAPACITY ACT and they are all INCAPABLE.

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