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July 24, 2015


Newport Pagnellshire Adult Social Care Majestum proudly announces the launch of its exciting, award winning projectum, O. On the 3rd September all 566 of our newly appointed Os will unveil this groundbreaking encapsulation in Committee Room 5 and we cordially invite you to attend.

This one day O celebration starts at 9.30 with a congratulatory brunch hosted by Dame Vera Windsheeter. Kippers are the order of the day and each O will mingle over festivities and distribute the concordatium’s rather fetching kipper ties.

Our keynote speaker will be Professor Kurt O’Oo and he’ll be delivering his learned thoughts on “O and the Hippopotamus’s Leadership”. It will be an interactive lecture and although hard hats will be provided, you are requested to bring your own overalls.

The themed lunch, ” A smorgasbord of O” will be hand prepared by celebrity chef, Chantelle Coulis. For the vegans, please bring your own dry biscuits.

The afternoon session will be delivered by Dr Morticia Mort and will focus on the outstanding contribution to O made by Bernard Cribbens. Although he is not dead yet, we believe Mr Cribbens has left a fine legacy that we wish to honour in the post lunch galleriana. Delegates will be asked to pin a tail on Bernard Cribbens whilst chanting their unique contributions to the O pantheon. Tambourines will be included in the registration fee.

The concordatistic fabulosum will conclude with a selection of workshop streams, each exploring the historical context of O, coupled with a journey into an O future of discovery and viralism.

To book a place on this twice in a lifetime event, please enclose a postal order for £2000.67p and take your first steps in the revolution that is O.

See you there.

O ver and out.

Editors Note:

For those who think I’ve taken leave of my senses with this post, here is the link to the Storify about the latest NHS initiative, Q –

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  1. Pauline Thomas permalink


  2. nic permalink

    I just reviewed your book as invaluable in learning the lingo but are you loving the jargon these days ? shit lOads of work to do, people playing silly buggers day long don’t need interacting with.

  3. nic permalink

    Never ‘ meet ‘ your heroes

      • nic permalink

        I didn’t mean to talk in riddles,down with that shit. You the hero for me (briefly) as you say you sold out to the clever jibba jabber. Christ knows what that post was about, penny has dropped with a bit of a clang to be honest !

  4. As a fitting tribute to the supremacy of the Majestum pantheon, I propose to run a pre-projectum socialmediamazing crowdsourcevent to workshopify a new coat of arms for Newport Pagnellshire, starting with the Authoritative Majestum motto, ‘Cui bono sodomi si sapiens’. Any graphical designeration technicianators or artistiquish operativesters please contact the O workshops co-ordination twitteratO @Ow.

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