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One Glove & Pete Burns

July 26, 2015

Steven became totally institutionalized around bed times during the year he was in the ATU. He’d have his bath and be in his pyjamas by 6pm and then take himself off to bed at 9pm. The things he used to do when he was younger, going to a midweek match, or the monthly disco, disappeared off his radar. Try as we might to encourage him, they’ve never reappeared on the radar.

On Friday, he saw a trailer for the ITV special “The Greatest Number 1s of the 80s, which aired last night at 9pm. Right up Steven’s street but a break from routine. He spent the whole day working out how to accommodate the programme. It was as detailed as a military manoeuvre.

” Dad – have my lovely packet of Chewits before all the good songs show?”

“Dad – do my goodnight wee when the adverts are on?”

“Dad – no goodnight talking later. Straight to sleep?”

Plan in place. Adam Ant, we’re ready for you.

The support worker was in awe. There was no artist or group Steven didn’t know. It was one of those talking heads sort of shows with the usual suspects (Pete Waterman, Stewart Copeland) and he knew all of them too. He occassionaly got thrown by how different people looked in their old age (“Nick Kershaw’s got a grey beard. He’s an old man now”). Or looking different just because you’re Pete Burns. (“No more patches. Pete Burns’ eye is all better”).

As the countdown to number one built, the excitement cranked up.

“Gordon Bennett. It’s The Human League. Phil Oakey’s washed his lipstick off”, or

” Michael Jackson’s just got one glove on. That’s a bit silly Michael. Where’s your two gloves? Michael Jackson dropped his glove at Windsor when he went to feed the swans”.

As my mum used to say, “They’re all in it”. The Pet Shop Boys, Wham, Culture Club, all of them with their own Steven Neary back story. The support worker got a bit choked up in a combination of nostalgia and impressiveness at Steven’s invention.

All in all, a nice break from the routine. Steven coped with his own change and we all got a lay in this morning. And it’s supplied a soundtrack to today as well. Whilst having his bath this morning, I heard Steven say: ” Francis. Good joke. Come on Eileen Grimshaw”.

And just now: “When two tribes go to Ranjit’s sweet shop”.

All, so much nicer and normal than being packed off to bed at 9.


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  1. Thats such a shame, but great he enjoyed the show lets hope there are more breaks from that particular routine steven can enjoy

  2. Had me in tears.So glad Steven got to enjoy the show, but totally choked up over the unending devastation that was so casually, carelessly, and stupidly wrought. Thinking very bad thoughts about Whistler’s Mother and others…

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