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“Mark – You Will Go On My First Whistle”

August 1, 2015

I’ve developed a bit of a pattern that does me no favours at all. Whenever I’m feeling a bit under the weather, I go into obsessive preparations for Steven’s future when I’m no longer around. When I should just be resting, I hurl myself into frantic planning & activity.

I’ve had a few days of a throat infection with my voice disappearing as the day wears on. A casual remark by one of the support workers on Tuesday triggered a major project that has kept me occupied when I should have been resting up.

Each week, Steven has a rota of DVDs and videos that he watches. We will watch an episode of say, Fawlty Towers together and two days later, after breakfast, he will watch the same episode back by himself. The weekly rota is:

Monday (and Wednesday): Mr Bean

Tuesday (and Thursday): Gladiators

Wednesday (and Friday): Fawlty Towers

Thursday (and Saturday): Camberwick Green

Saturday (and Monday): Top of The Pops

Sunday (and Tuesday): Men Behaving Badly

You will notice we don’t have a rota for Friday. That’s because its my long day at work, so Steven will chose something that doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. Anyway, on Tuesday, the support worker asked me if there was an order to the Men Behaving Badly viewing. There is but it’s stored in mine and Steven’s internal filing system. We don’t watch the episodes in order of transmission. It’s more random than that. The upshot was that I convinced myself I urgently needed to document these rotas.

Like most of Steven’s routines, I decided to do a pictorial record, so he could take charge of it as well as the support staff. No problem at all with most of the programmes – Google images has plenty of Fawlty Towers stills. I even managed to get pictures of the 12 Top of the Pops episodes we watch on a loop (the Christmas episodes from 1995 to 2003 & a few TOTP2 specials). Gladiators was the sticking point. Steven watches videos of two first round heats from 1993, the 1993 quarters and semi finals and the grand final. He’s also got the 1994 semi finals and finals. I tried to get away with missing Gladiators out! No chance…

“Dad. No Gladiators pictures! Want a picture of Roddy McKay’s shorts falling down in Hang Tough”.

To cut a long story short, I did it. Took me two days. I’m no techie but I managed to get screen shots from YouTube of all 12 episodes. Even a shortsless Roddy McKay. Much to my pride, I even found that pants wettingly exciting moment from Heat 1 in 1993 when Nightshade knocked Pauline Oliver off suspension bridge with 1 second to go.I’m back in the good books again.

I’m going to make that support worker pay for activating my manic activity. If he doesn’t know which contender cut his nose on Skytrack in the 2nd quarter final of 1993 Gladiators by Thursday, I’ll be docking his pay. And if he doesn’t learn that Paul Field & Eunice Huthart were the 1994 Champions, he’ll be shown the door.

” Chris. You will be sacked on my first whistle. 3.2.1…..”


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  1. nic permalink

    a lesser effort in planning would not suffice, I witnessed the same efficiency this week in a friend’s home. If the t-shirt must be sprinkled with water 12 times and ” put in the dryer to dry ” 12 times in order to leave the house then that had better be put in writing or the t-shirt will “go” ( nifty bite to hem and shred north ) A well meaning person that thinks 10 times is going to have to do because time is getting on, is in for a surprise. Forward planning, the stuff of nightmares for all parents who carry internally yards and yards of essential sequences for daily living above and beyond those files for medical/physical needs we are all familiar with.

    • nic permalink

      Christ what a fall out when it happened, we talked about it for years and then there it was ,the blood pressure and the bleeding and the tea towels and the 20mls and the six sachets and all of hell. No the agency can’t cover and emergency respite is all there is and total total chaos. And by some hellish coincidence a young man with autism collapsed in the same A&E and all that could be done afterwards was to review to fuckers and get it published on both scores. The William Harvey Hospital KENT SEPTEMBER 2015.

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