Today really is the pits. It is gross.

Two awful reports came through yesterday. Both left a thoroughly sickening feeling that I can’t shake off because the depth of the disease is so deep. Sadly, this is what life in 2015 is all about.

Firstly, have a read of this article –

The CQC “award” a care home an inadequate inspection rating. When they go back to see if their inspection finding have been acted upon, they take the decision that the place is so unsafe, the elderly residents need to be moved out immediately. In the middle of the night. Look at those pictures and tell me that was the right thing to do. In the report, the spokesperson for the LA pats themselves on the back and the promptness of their actions.

Why move the people in the middle of the night? Surely when a care home that an LA or CCG has commissioned to provide care services is so goddamn appalling, then the LA/CCG has a responsibility to step in and take over the running of the home until a new provider is found. More than likely, the contract doesn’t allow them to do that, so to protect the reputations of the commissioners and the providers, the residents are subjected to a midnight evacuation from their plight. How can the CQC defend this? They are just as complicit as the commissioners in having the balls of a eunuch sparrow. It seems to me further evidence that the commissioners are so desperate to get rid of their statutory duties that once they’ve got shot of them, they don’t believe they have any responsibility to monitor the effectiveness of their service. Shameful.

Then came the heartbreaking news from Sara Ryan that the police are dropping their investigation into Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust’s role in the death of LB.

The police can make a case for negligence but to proceed to the CPS they have to be able to show “gross negligence” and they don’t feel they have the evidence to do this. Big sighs of relief and award priming in Sloven Towers. I don’t even begin to understand the technicalities of the law. What turns something from negligence into gross negligence? A preventable death obviously doesn’t do it. Is it a numbers game? Would 10 preventable deaths tips the balance? I’m not knocking the police here. As Sara says in her blog, they have been thoroughly human and decent from the off. But something about this system stinks. It’s the same as the families not getting legal aid for representation at an inquest whilst the NHS can use taxpayer’s money to buy the best representation. The course for justice is so weighted against the family. Every part of the process seems to give the powerful more power.

This morning feels so bleak, I had such a pointless attempt to try and keep my sanity. In a desperate attempt to purge my brain of this shit, I ate four large scones for breakfast and followed my Bubbfest with a Twitter cull. At the moment, I can’t bear to read any tweets from “passionate” NHS/LA people. I can’t stomach reading about people being “inspired” by writing about leadership on pairs of pants. And if I bump into a vanguard on the way to work later, I might not be responsible for my actions.

A large part of my counselling work these days is in helping people find some safe, solid ground amidst this nonsense. Often, it involves drastic detaching from a false reality that has been presented to the person. It involves floundering around to find the sanity. It involves having more faith than ever in what you know to be your truth. It involves exercising incredible bravery and ruthlessness.

I’d like to find just a little bit of that today.

Steven finds it. As I write this, he’s doing his Wednesday morning disco which today includes Des O’Connor’s version of One Day I’ll Fly Away.

It hits the spot.

5 thoughts on “Gross”

  1. something really does stink. For later, when we have all gathered some strength – Commissioners must be inspected for the quality of what they commission – following the lives of people with commissioned services. They are far too powerful. intimidating families and good guy providers. No service model is systematically working – it’s not about the model right now – it’s about the basics.
    May we find peace soon.
    Helen x

  2. finding safe and solid ground tough for so many right now, I am changing tack when asked to help. My advocacy today involved filming covertly . The lessons of the past have taught me I need proof the person in crisis is throwing the key from the window because they can’t access the door. The official record will not state otherwise. I have bought my learning.

  3. Being a cynic, I suspect the reason for moving these poor souls in the night was more about the drama than anything else. Why not wait a few more hours until morning or was the residents all going to perish if they delayed the move? Whose heads are going to roll? Not the owners of this hell hole. Certainly not the teflon coated commissioners or their LA masters. The only people who are feeling any pain in this whole scenerio are the frail residents. The very people who should be protected from all this grief. Mark you said it was shameful. I agree.

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